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Social Media Benefits

Your business can benefit from getting social

Social Media is growing fast and you should be using it if possible. What is Social Media exactly? There are many social media platforms. The most popular ones are YouTube, Twitter Facebook and LinkedIn. I know what your thinking. I don’t want to spend my time running my business. Did you realize that Facebook is used by between 20-30 year-olds to check their status every day? Facebook is rapidly growing in popularity for connecting with friends and family.

Did you know that Assistants can be hired and paid to assist you? You can also have them ensure your ROI is within the budget. Your business can get exposure – 85% have received exposure from their strategic Social Media Campaigns.

Increased traffic, optins, subscribers – More that half of companies have reported a rise in traffic to their social media accounts. This was achieved by increasing traffic and generating qualified leads.

Social media has increased business partnership – 56% have made more business alliances because of it.

Rise in Search Engine Rankings – 54% saw a significant increase in search engine rankings directly as a result of being active on the Social marketplace

Qualified Lead Generating – 52% saw qualified leads increasing the sales opportunity.

Helped to sell products and services / Close business – 48% were able determine that increasing their social presence would increase their bottom line and allow them to sell more products. They could discuss the advantages of current products, alert customers about new products, and discover what their customers wanted.

Reduced My Total Marketing Expenses- 48% reported a decrease in their marketing expenses last fiscal year.

Find out what the competition is doing – Social specialists can help you find out what your competition are doing. What is hot, and what isn’t.

While it may take time and effort, getting social will bring you results. Social Media Marketing has already been adopted by many companies, including IBM and Pepsi. While social media marketing may not be affordable at first, it can grow in value as you get more clients.

For help in Social Media Marketing, contact us. You won’t regret spending your time on this type marketing. Get out and socialize before you become complacent with your competitors.

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