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Social Media Is Essential for All Businesses

All types of businesses
Many businesses interact with us in the course our work. It would surprise you to discover how many of them do not have a Social Media presence. It is even more shocking to see how many have no plans of setting up such a presence. A lot of them don’t believe they can see any tangible benefits from the type of business that they own.

Social Media is a better fit for some business than others, which we wholeheartedly believe. This will depend on how active your social media customers are. This is a huge but. It is an indicator of how well you can use Social Media to promote your business. It overlooks the indirect social media benefits that can be applied to any business with a website, regardless what type.

Benefit In A Nutshell
It might seem like indirect benefit is less important, but it’s actually more important. The indirect benefit is much more important, as it applies only to your primary web site. The simplest way to summarize it is Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO. Here are three reasons why having a Social Media presence can help with SEO for any business that owns a website.

Top 3 Reasons

  • Search Engines are attracted to dynamic content. They love to see a lot of content and love it to be constantly changing. It’s amazing how much they love your site if you can give them new words every day. Social Media provides a cost-effective and simple way to add tons of dynamic content to your website.
  • SEO’s lifeblood is backlinks. Higher PR pages with reputable links will improve your SEO. Social Media websites provide the possibility to gain backlinks to high PR sites. This is completely free. How can a business not benefit from free advertising?
  • Funnel Traffic: Increasing traffic to your website is such an obvious benefit for SEO that we probably should’ve placed it first. Social Media can assist you in this as it serves to funnel large volumes of relevant web surfers directly to your website.

One and Two Will Do
We are aware that businesses don’t have someone who is willing to sit around waiting for 40 hours a weeks to build a presence on places like Facebook or Twitter. It would be impossible to stay active on all the social media platforms. You can reap enormous rewards by only choosing the best options for your business. You will be able to get content, backlinks, traffic and other benefits from just 2 good websites. It’s well worth the 8-10 hour work week. We can help you manage the task if it is not something you have time for. It’s one of the best forms of advertising and the cheapest.

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