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Sport in Our Life

Sport has become an integral part human life. The word “Sport” was coined between 1910 and 1915. Sport refers to any physical activity that is governed or regulated by rules and practices, and often done in competition. Sport has gone through a lot of changes over the years. Sport was initially created to be a recreation tool for humans. Sport has advanced enormously and has become highly technological.

Athletic games, sports and tests of skill were created to divert attention or provide entertainment for spectators. Sport comes in many different forms. It was restricted to any form of sport, pastimes, exercise, game, or contest that is done under the applicable rules.

It can be played outdoors or indoors, with or against competition. However it does require skill and some exertion. Some Sports such as swimming, running, fishing, hunting and fishing are a result of primitive human lifestyles. Some Sports, like archery and shooting the javelin, came from military backgrounds. Boxing and other sports like wrestling and jumping were created from the spontaneous human outbursts, challenges, and occasional hostilities that accompanied human interaction.

It is amazing how sport has developed in the past, present and future. In ancient times, both the Roman and Greek had an avid interest in developing sport. Interestingly, it was the Greek who organised the Olympics. People from all over the globe were able to witness and participate in the event. Athens, Greece is where the modern Olympics originated. The growth of sport was hindered by the medieval feudal system. This was changed only during the renaissance. The modern era, especially the 20th century, has seen the organized growth of sport. Pan-American and Pan-American games as well as the Commonwealth Games and Afro-Asian Games have all been held at regular intervals. This made sport an international event.

International Olympic Association hosts the Olympic Games. Nearly every country in the world is a member of International Olympic Association. The organization organizes Olympics once every four years. International Cricket Council governs cricket and holds premier events like the champions trophy and world cup. This body is intended to promote cricket worldwide. International Hockey Federation (International Hockey Governing Council) is responsible for all hockey players around the globe. A soccer world Cup is also organized under the auspices a non-profit international organization. It takes place once in four years. Modern sport has also seen multimillionaires such as Sachin in cricket, Ronaldo on soccer, and William sisters in Tennis rise to prominence due to their passion, hard work, and skill.

Modern Sport has witnessed the rapid growth and development both of sport as well as its allied industries. Sports have shaped the media industry. These include online games, sports journalism, and even education. Each country has a different Sports ministry. India, for instance, has a separate Sports Authority of India. This Authority is independent and can function independently. These money-making initiatives have included apparels and sports goods such as tennis balls, tennis rockets, bats, flannels, sport wears, cricket sticks, hockey balls, and synthetic astroturf in hockey. Sponsorship is now a major feature of popular sports such as tennis, cricket, and soccer. It has cost millions. Multinational companies often hire famous players to advertise their products. Sport has not been just about recreation; it has also served the purpose of maintaining fitness and health. Sport is the secret to wealth as well as health.

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