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How to Play Tennis – Keys to Playing Better Tennis

For new players, the question of how to play tennis can be a difficult one. Tennis is a wonderful sport that can be enjoyed by many people. This article will explain the basics of tennis. There are three types of tennis: clay, lawn and hard.

People all over the globe play tennis as a form of recreation and exercise. There are many levels of professional play at tournaments all over the world. The Grand Slam Tournaments are the four most prestigious tournaments. These four tournaments are Wimbledon, The US Open, The Australian Open and The French Open. These tournaments are watched by millions of people, making tennis an excellent spectator sport. Tennis was recently added to the Olympics.

Tennis is a game that can be played by everyone, and it is loved by all ages from children to seniors.

The court is the main area in which tennis is played. It is a rectangular, flat, smooth surface that can be of various types, including clay, grass, or concrete. Singles matches are 78 feet in length and 27 feet in width. The court’s width is 36 feet for doubles matches. The court is divided in half by a net that measures 3 feet 6 inches high. You can find tennis courts in schools, parks, and country clubs all over the globe. You can have them outside or indoor, so you can enjoy fresh air during good weather and play all year.

There are three types of tennis court surface. Every surface is different and allows for different styles of play. The bounce and speed of each ball can also vary greatly. These surfaces include:

Hard courts have a consistent bounce and are fast courts. Hardcourts are the most common type of court in America, and probably the one most used by tennis players. Clay courts are different from hard courts. Clay courts are slower than hard courts and tennis balls lose speed on them. The ball bounces higher on this surface than other surfaces. This allows for more groundstroke rallies. On the Clay Courts at Rolland Garros, we see Federer and Nadal battling it out.

As tennis was first played on grass, the third type of tennis court is considered to be the oldest. Grass courts are considered faster than hard courts. The grass court can bounce unevenly, making it difficult to return quick shots.

The unique game of tennis involves a tennis ball, and a racket. The court will have a rectangular shape with a net at the center. The tennis court should measure 78 feet by 27 feet. It is divided by a net that measures 3 ft (91cm) in the middle and 3.5ft (1m) at the ends. A felt-covered tennis ball is the best for optimal bounce. The tennis ball is served behind the baseline to the opposite side of the service court.

Players may serve a successful serve and hit the ball into any area of their opponent’s court until they score a point. Points are awarded to either player who wins rallies. Sets are the division of a tennis match. To win a tournament, men must win three of the five sets. Women have to win two of three. To win a tennis match, a player must win six games more than his opponent. Tennis can be exciting, fun and enjoyable.



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